Thursday, 6 October 2011

Faulty Escarpments Pt II

And the first batch is finished!

We left the escarpments looking like this:

Sand!  Not actually sand coloured enough
Since then, and realising that the colour of the masonry paint was what I had envisaged in my head all along, I went back and covered the whole piece in the masonry paint (Sandtex Midstone Fine Textured for reference).  This gets us to here:

Curtains match the Carpets
Having done all that last night, and it all dry this evening, I decided to get it finished and give you two updates in one week!  This is especially handy as it means they are ready for their first game this weekend at their new owner's gaming table.

Firstly I used a tester pot of "Crown Matt Emulsion - Egyptian Sand", chosen for the "Desert Yellow" colour not the appropriate name, to apply two heavy dry brush coats all over the model.

As if by magic, definition begins to appear
I then used a tester pot of "Dulux Emulsion - Wild Primrose", as a substitute for Buff, to apply a lighter drybrush all over the model.

Highlights artificial but natural shadows!
To add some variety to the pieces, I picked out some of the larger pebbles in Vallejo White, before applying PVA glue and Gale Force 9 "Arid Grass" static grass in irregular patches.

Well, that adds some colour.  Even if its just more yellow...
Somewhere in this photo is a Grant
So, there's seven foot of escarpments done already!  I plan to do a few more batches for the club, my table, and a few other chaps in the local community.  This is all to set up for doing a HF&B tournament at some point in the future.
Miles and Miles of  Escarpments

The techniques used here can obviously be used to make hills and ridge lines (seeming as its all based on what I did years ago for just that purpose), just by not cutting a cliff face (or maybe restricting it to a few rocky outcrops).  Needless to say that is on the cards...
I wonder what that could be?

See you next week!


  1. I liked this idea so much, I started 2'x4' of assorted hills, escarpments and rough ground terrain projects this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Glad you liked it! Sadly I've got a late war tournament that needs a lot of terrain making so more desert stuff will have to wait a bit

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