Sunday, 16 December 2012

Moving on Up


As you can tell I'm still breathing.  I also haven't been quite as idle as the blog would suggest.

The blog has presented an interesting challenge for me.  I intended it to serve as a "behind the scenes" look at what I was doing, as well as serve as a log that i could look back on when I wanted to duplicate something later.  Whilst it served in both roles I found out two things:
  1. Blogs are time consuming.  At least to write to the standard that i wanted to write.  This took time away from actually doing the work in the first place.
  2. An idol blog is an albatross.  If I didn't post anything it started gnawing at me.  But I only liked posting when I was doing something interesting   If all I'm doing is painting StuG platoon number 4 then what is going on the blog?
So, in the end the Blog fell by the wayside.

I'm hoping that not being the sole provider of content will make the blog more relaxing to write as I wont feel to need to work on filler.  The level of content will stay the same on my part, but I will also be writing a bit more generally on wargaming outside of just modelling stuff.  

In the meantime "Safety Markings" will go idle.  Honestly, you won't notice the difference here given my lousy output in the recent months.  If it all falls apart over there then I will likelly come back here and re-launch the blog.

Hopefully you will come and join me over at this new venture, the Brighton Warlords blog.  I just posted my first entry that launches (pun intended) my new project, a V1 launch enclosure terrain piece.

Just follow the rocket trails!


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