Wednesday, 24 November 2010

I'm not dead!

Sadly RealLifeTM has prevented me doing much painting or the like, but hopefully I should get back on track soon.

I've just taken ownership of the first pieces of my new project: 1/300 Micro Armour.

Skytrex are the first to deliver with FV432 and Scorpions being received today.  Here's a sneak peak:
Scorpion Front (yep, that's a 1p coin its sitting on)
Scorpion Side

FV432 Front
FV432 Rear

I plan to get these cleaned up, based and spayed over the course of the weekend and then use one of the surplus FV432 as a test piece.  I'm planning to use BF/Army Painter 'British Armour' to base coat and then paint black/'German Grey' stripes on.  I'm sure that will evolve as I get dug in.

6mm isn't an entirely unfamiliar scale as I used to paint GW Epic scale models and even, in the latter stages, went as far as modelling on sand bag extra armour and camo nets as this Whirlwind (used as Hunters) battery demonstrates.

Also coming soon should be some Heroics and Ros Aircraft and Infantry and GHQ Chieftains.  This leaves a question that has yet to be resolved....

How does one paint DPM at 6mm?

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