Thursday, 31 March 2011

Intermittent Transmissions


As mentioned a good few weeks ago, I've been moving house.  There's still a few things to sort out (such as a general lack of interwebs...) but, importantly, I do have the painting table set up!

It's a bit more cluttered now.

It's basically the table from my old place and is a get-you-by until I can get a better one that I've been planning done, but it will do for now.

So, painting table - check.  Miniatures to paint?  Check.

I put the last bunch of 6mm Cold War stuff to the side to concentrate on something far more interesting, a whole stinking pile of 15mm Early War British Tanks!

Quality of Qunatity - British style


No, seriously, Look at them!  They are awesome.  Well, the gun's awesome.  Except it can't fire HE.  But they are mobile.  Well, when they don't break down.

Actually, they aren't that awesome.  But it does at least allow me to keep plodding towards my goal of a 3RTR themed FoW army in each theater of conflict that they served in covered by Flames.

3RTR was part of 1st Armoured Division but was not part of the first wave of the BEF sent to the France.  Instead, after the BEF was cut off in Belgium, 3RTR was sent to reinforce Calais.  They arrived with the usual eclectic mix of British A9, A10 and A13 cruisers plus MkVI Light tanks (all B versions with .50 armament), all of which are present in the Blitzkrieg book and British Armoured Regiment box.

Assembly was pretty easy, with the exception of one of the A10 Cruisers which had been packaged with a Souma's right track!  I assembled the tanks without external stowage, which didn't really appear until the Desert battles.  The command tanks all have the commander unbuttoned and I plan to add aerials to all of the tanks too.  The CO tank is going to get a bit more attention, with the Driver hatch also being unbuttoned which will require some drilling and the addition of a scratch built open driver's hatch.  This shouldn't be any different to the unbuttoned Sherman that has appeared previously.

As far as I can tell, 3RTR used the same camo schemes as all other cruiser tanks.  This thread over at the Battlefront website has some interesting discussion on the nature of British camo.  I'm opting for base coating with US Armour spray coat (basically Brown Violet) then overpainting with Russian Uniform camo, or possibly even masking and spraying over with British Armour spray to get the same effect.  Whilst the camo colour SHOULD cover most the tank, Phil Yate's research whilst doing his armour suggests that crews generally left road wheels and complex, hard to reach areas in the Brown Violet colour so its easier to start with this as a base.  Sounds sensible.

I'll also be making use of Armoured Acorn's guides for BEF.

Updates may still be intermittent but I'll try and get back on schedule shortly.  Just need some internet!

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