Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Cue Interlude


This week has been quiet on the painting front for a variety of reasons, namely:
1.  The flat is almost finished and I hope to be moving soon.  I've spent the week helping dad do some of the minor tasks that had to be completed ahead of the big day (hopefully the Saturday after next)
2.  The varnish issue with the Lynx sapped my enthusiasm somewhat
3.  The sudden tiff between Maelstrom Games and Battlefront proved a somewhat interesting distraction.

Thankfully I had somewhat anticipated this and have been keeping some photos back to do a bit of a space filler.  As most of you are aware I write the occasional review for my friend Soya over at Mighty Miniatures and so I've got a backlog of photos of painted 6mm at the moment.

This week, lets take a look at the Skytrex  FV432 and H&R Abbot SPG.

Research was through a combination of sources already mentioned on the other projects and also an excellent resource website called!  This site deals with all members of the FV432 family including the Abbot (which uses the same or variants of the transmission, engine and suspension of the FV432).  I found enough photos on the site to give me an idea of pertinent features such as the exhaust, NBC packs and position of external markings.  Google image searches filled in most of the other blanks.

Thanks to the wonder that is standardized paint schemes, the FV432 and Abbots colour scheme were as per the Chieftains covered earlier in the year.  The main differences were in the position of markings such as bridge, registration and formation lights.

All of which, of course, got obliterated the minute I put the final weathering on.  But I know they're there.  Buried under a coat of US Field Drab.

Anyway, photos.



FV433 Abbot SPG

There you go.  A short but sweet update this week.

With Move Day delayed by a week I may get back onto the infantry next week.  After that it'll be the aircraft and 6mm is done (at least for the time being).

maelstrom's fire sale has left me with a new 15mm project to contend with.  More on that and some point!

See you next week.

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