Sunday, 10 October 2010

Some previous work

Before we look at the current project, let's have a look at some of my previous projects:

1.  Sherman Troop = 3rd RTR circa 1944
Troop Commander - Battlefront Sherman V with some conversion work to 'unbutton the hull hatches' plus greenstuff work to add Hessian strip camo.

Sherman Firefly VC - Battlefront Sherman VC with greenstuff work to add Hessian strip camo.

2.  Tetrarch Troop - 6th AARR circa. Normandy
Troop Commander - Battlefront Tetrarch Light tank with CS gun.  Converted Skytrex Paratroop and greenstuff Hessian strip camo added.

Battlefront Tetarch with extra stowage and greenstuffed tarp.

3.  Downed Typhoon Objective

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