Sunday, 10 October 2010

Hello, and welcome to the inevitable first post for my new (and indeed, first) blog "Safety Markings".

"Safety Markings" is designed to act as a sort of project log for my model painting.  Principally this is to support a new venture into buying, painting and selling war-gaming miniatures; but will also cover projects for my own armies.

At current (and ignoring various 40K armies buried in the depths of my wardrobe), I collect and paint models for Flames of War, a 15mm WWII wargame.  My current armies are:

  • British Airlanding Company (circa. Operation Market Garden)
  • British 8th Army in the North African desert (circa. 1st battle of El Alamein)
  • 21st Panzer of the DAK (circa. 1st battle of El Alamein)
There are other projects (28mm WWII, Blood Bowl, Epic 40K and the occasional roleplay model) but my main  focus will be on 15mm.

This blog, and the whole painting venture itself, is very much a learning experience so feel free to make suggestions on how I can improve the whole crazy enterprise.

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  1. That's awesome dude! :D

    You was a virgin
    Posted for a very first time
    Like a virgin


    Karol here BTW :D

  2. Cheers Karol. Thanks for recommending Blogger in the first place!

    I need to spend some time on photoshop at work and use the above image as the basis for a title graphic to replace the written "Safety markings" title. Took me ages to find a picture of someone field painting a tank!